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You have reached our specialties, seasonal cocktails and Hoff's own unique recipes !


Sally's minion

Fruity Mango Gin based Cocktail guaranteed to refresh you as well as get you a bit tipsy.

Bar secret specials

C R.jpg

Corpse revival No.:Dave

well it is in the name! if you need to get back to the land of the living this elixir is for you!

r g.jpg

Royal sour gimlet

Made with sour taste but sweet sentiment this cocktail is for gin lovers but not meant for a sweet -tooth.

pink colada.jpg

Unicorn pink colada

if you feel sweet and fluffy like a unicorn this vodka based watermelon infused cocktail is definitely the way to go.

green tea.jpg

green-tea shot

order a series of them you will not regret it ! whiskey based and easy to go down.

secret shots


Unicorn gumdrop shot

inspired by the candy this shot is very special, sweet and refreshing !.

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